Will a Ray LaMontagne cover get Alex Lambert in 'Trouble'?

Here's Alex Lambert, with Ray LaMontagne's Trouble, the song bank robber Matt Lawrence did so well in the audition episodes. Alex's finally looking like he's not going to throw up on stage, and, musically, this is a nice performance -- it's in his range, and it's suited to his style. If only he weren't singing about things like trouble and worry dogging his soul since the day he was born. Not much honest emotion in this one, but I guess it'll do for one of the guys this year.

Randy thinks it was a good song choice for him, "I just wasn't jumping up and down."

Now, Ellen thinks Alex's an overripe banana. She means that in the nicest possible way, of course: "Every single week, you get better and better and better." She loves his innocence, how real and vulnerable he is. "Don't become a cocky banana," she says. "Nobody likes that." Okay, Ellen -- sometimes a banana is just a banana. Time to drop the metaphor.

"The only thing standing between you and winning it is you right now," Kara says, by which she means he's still stiff and unsure of himself.

"You are so -- still -- concentrating on trying to deliver the performance, we've never ever seen you relax or having a good time," says Simon. He suggests imagining Randy in a bikini.


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