Susan Boyle Looking For 'Prince'

Singing sensation Susan Boyle hopes one day she will meet her ''prince'' and hasn't given up on finding love.

Susan Boyle is looking for her "prince".

The 'Wild Horses' singer - who remains a spinster at 49 - still hopes there is time to find the man of her dreams.

Although she is still single, Susan has been having the best time of her life since she shot to fame after appearing on Simon Cowell's show 'Britain's Got Talent'.

In a TV interview in Australia, she said: "I go on looking. Some day my prince will come.

"But I have never been in a better place. It's absolutely brilliant for me right now."

After appearing on the series, Susan asked out a fellow churchgoer - 66-year-old Helmut Glaser - in her hometown of West Lothian in Scotland, but he turned her down saying he was too old.

Susan - whose debut album, 'I Dreamed A Dream', became the biggest-selling worldwide female solo album of 2009 - also admitted she is still getting used to being recognised in the street but remains down to earth and still uses public transport.

She added: "It takes a wee bit to get used to it. I had to learn to be a bit different, people recognise you in the street. At the beginning I couldn't go out on my own. I still catch the bus."

Meanwhile, the pressures of fame appear to be getting to Susan as she has reportedly had a public falling out with her personal assistant, Joanne Crawford, who is also her niece.

The pair are said to have been at loggerheads during a recent trip to Japan, then upon their return to the UK Susan blasted Joanne after being informed a private plane scheduled to take her from London's Heathrow airport to Edinburgh was delayed.

A source said: "It all kicked off in public at the baggage carousel at Heathrow Terminal Three. Susan was absolutely raging. It's a 13-hour flight from Tokyo and she was yelling at Joanne that she just wanted to f***ing get home. Then she started calling Joanne a b***h.

"Joanne and Susan were supposed to have a bond which would stop this sort of thing happening. But it's not working." View Here...
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