Which Rihanna Bestie Is Dressing Under the Influence?

This entertainer is BFF with Rihanna (who's known for wearing high fashion in the most casual of settings). So we weren't surprised when she decided to wear a couture frock at Coachella.

Too bad she picked the ugliest designer piece she could find! This Louis Vuitton camouflage dress looks more like a fat-lady suit. To make matters worse, she paired it with a smorgasbord of neon accessories.

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Susan Boyle’s Story in Her Own Words

Her exterior masked a singing voice that took the Internet and the music industry by storm, so could Susan Boyle, below, also be concealing a prose style to rival Jane Austen’s or Virginia Woolf’s? The British publisher Transworld is willing to make that bet and has signed up Ms. Boyle, the reality television-turned-recording star, to write her autobiography, BBC News reported. Transworld said the book, which will be called “The Woman I Was Born to Be,” will document Ms. Boyle’s sudden rise after her 2009 appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent,” which led to her best-selling debut album, “I Dreamed a Dream.” A British release is planned for the fall; no American publication date has been announced. In a statement reported by the BBC, Ms. Boyle said she was “writing this book to try to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” She added: “When I strutted on to the stage for that audition, I was a scared wee lassie, still grieving for my mother, not caring how I looked. I think I’ve grown up a lot in the last year, become more of a lady, and I’m not so frightened anymore.”

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Susan Boyle’s Story in Her Own WordsSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend