Shakira To Give 'Ugly Betty' Some S.O.S.

Colombian superstar will guest-star in an upcoming episode in the Bahamas.
"Ugly Betty" is about to get a lot more beautiful. Shakira will play herself in an upcoming episode of the ABC comedy.

"We're huge fans of Shakira," show creator Silvio Horta told People, adding that the cameo springs from a moment in the show's first season. "We had a very memorable moment in the third episode where Betty has a makeover that goes wrong and she struts down the street to 'Hips Don't Lie.' "

Horta said the Colombian superstar was perfect for the show about a young Latina woman, Betty (America Ferrera), trying to make it in the cutthroat world of fashion magazines. "We've mentioned her several times over the course of the series and have always wanted to work with her. She's an enormous Latina icon, as is Betty, and we thought it was a perfect fit."

In the episode titled, "The Bahamas Triangle," Shakira helps fix a "Mode" fashion shoot that got off track on location in the Bahamas (where, incidentally, the singer recorded her upcoming album, She Wolf).

Shakira is only one of the big names stopping by "Ugly Betty" this season. Supermodel Christie Brinkley will join the show as Penelope Graybridge, an editor at a competing magazine, and according to E! Online, Kristen Johnston will be guest starring in the role originally meant for Paula Abdul.

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