infolinks: a smarter way to make money online


It captures my imagination as it trully reflects the fact about interntet marketing. Many times users will just ignore advertisements as it seems so boring in design and have little to offer. With infolinks, it's a perfect match for any text base webpages as it will not distract the overall design of your page. It is fully automated and the links are information base that even those who know about infolinks sometimes think it's part of the design for additional referrences.

And this is what this video clip has clearly captured. it has the big idea that sells, it gives information and most of all it entertains. the overall production is professionally made. The camera angles and composition frame by frame are superb and can make hollywood videographers run for thier money. In fact, i think each frame can stand alone as a still photo complete with exceptional lighting, compositing and special effects. The presentation using a realatively old computer helps set the tone of the video as it captures the need for publishers more money and those average internet users specially those who come from third world countries.

As far as the audio is concerned, a little improvement could have been done but still it's a perfect fit for its picture. Maybe the quality of the video deteriorates as it's only uploaded in youtube (i love to see the actuall high resolution file).

To top it all the characters carry their roles like no other. All are worthy of a place in the movie industry. They could become one of the greatest stars in hollywood.


I have rated this video in youtube as awesome. It's highly recommended. Its artistic style clearly delivers the message. It links and informs...infolinks: a smarter way to make money online.

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