If I Was Your Woman Alicia Keys Official Music Video

Keys and manager Jeff Robinson signed a film production deal to develop live-action and animated projects with Disney. Their first film will be a remake of the 1958 comedy Bell, Book and Candle and will star Keys as a witch who casts a love spell to lure a rival's fiancé. Keys and Robinson also formed a television production company called Big Pita.[88] Keys and Robinson will develop live-action and animated projects from their company, Big Pita and Little Pita, with Keys as producer, thespian, banner spearheading soundtrack and music supervision.

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Keys is expected to play a 1940s biracial piano child prodigy, Philippa Schuyler, in an upcoming film entitled Compositions in Black and White. It is based on a 1995 biographical book of the same name by Kathryn Talalay. "The challenge, in order to actually be able to play classical piano as a woman of mixed race, was by far more than I could ever imagine", Keys said, "That's what intrigued me about that role." The biopic will tell the difficult tale of Schuyler's controversial career, love-hate relationship with her mother, and the black community, her second career as a writer, and her eventual death in a helicopter accident. "Her story is very deep, even up to the point where the relationship between her and her mother gets very strained and she chooses to go to Europe and pass as a Spanish woman in order to be able to play, in order to be able to live a more normal life", Keys said, adding that she and Halle Berry hoped to start shooting in early 2008, but has not been filmed to date. "As of right now, we're still in the first, second draft of the script", she said, "So a little bit of time—at least a year."

Keys collaborated with record producer Swizz Beatz to write and produce "Million Dollar Bill" for Whitney Houston's seventh studio album, I Look to You. It was reported that Keys approached Clive Davis for permission to submit a song for the album. She also collaborated with Jay-Z on "Empire State of Mind", a track off his upcoming album, The Blueprint 3. Keys will release her fourth studio album in late 2009. As part of the promotional drive for the album, she will be performing at the Cayman Island Jazz Festival on December 5, the final night of the three day festival which will be broadcast on Black Entertainment Television (BET). In June 2009, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers honored Keys with the Golden Note Award, an award given to artists "who have achieved extraordinary career milestones".

If I Was Your Woman lyrics- Alicia Keys

If I Were Your Woman
ay yo
drop it on me
yeah yeah yeah yyeah yeah

if I were your woman
and you were my man
you'd have no other woman
you'd be weak as a lamb
if you had the strength
to walk out my door
my love would overule my sins
and i'll call you back or more

if I were your woman
If i were your woman
and you were my man

she tears you down darling
says your nothing at all
but I'll pick you up darling
when she lets you fall
cause your like a diamond shining
but she treats you like glass
yet you beg her to love you
but me you won't ask


life is so crazy
and love is unkind
because she was first darling
will she hang on you mind
your apart of me
but you don't even know it
I'm what you need
but I'm to afraid to show it

if I were your woman
If i were your woman
if I were your woman
If i were your woman
If i were your woman
heres what I do
I never ever no no stop loving you

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