If Wishes Were Horses

If Wishes Were Horses
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
If turnips were watches, I would wear one by my side.
And if "ifs" and "ands"
Were pots and pans,
There'd be no work for tinkers!

One, two, three, O'Lairy
One, two, three, O'Lairy
My first name is Mary,
Don't you think that l look cute,
In my mother's bathing suit!
(Ball against the wall game)
Sit crossed legged on the floor, facing a wall.
Bounce the ball on the floor and onto the wall, then catch it.

by John Williams

They hatch from a batch of small white eggs,
Tiny black worms with tiny, tiny, legs
Covered all over with fine, fine, hair,
And eyes so small they're almost not there.
Their very first thought is for something to munch,
Something for breakfast and supper and lunch.
Their favourite food's from the mulberry tree
And here's where they start their eating spree.
They eat and they eat all through the day,
There's no time for talking and certainly not play.
With all this eating they quickly grow
And lose black skins for ones as white as snow.
For twenty five days they enjoy their fest
And then comes the time for them to rest.
They find a good spot and start to spin
A silky cocoon to cover themselves in.
For three long days the silk is spun
And then, at last, their job is done.
A moth then appears after twenty three days,
And soon a new batch of eggs she lays.
Her work is done so she slips away.
She knows the eggs will hatch, she need not stay.

A Tadpole Tale
by John Williams

On a sunny day in a pond on the farm
A happening was happening and causing alarm.
The tadpoles were swimming and scurrying around
And dropping their tails off onto the ground.
They soon realised there was nothing to fear
It was just that their time to be frogs was so near.
They emerged from the pond all happy and proud
And began croaking their message aloud.
None of them noticed the poor little thing
Who stayed behind with no reason to sing.
She watched in wonder as her friends departed
And felt so really really downhearted.
She could not understand why she hadn't yet shed
The tail that stopped her from moving ahead.
She wiggled and wiggled and wiggled around,
But that stubborn tail wound not fall to the ground.
She started to cry and then fell fast asleep
At the end of the pond where the water was deep.
At dawn she awakened and happily saw
That the troublesome tail was there no more.
She swam to the side and 'hopped' onto a log,
Yes! Yes! She was now a magnificent Frog!

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